Vue.js plays a better role in Laravel Application than other Javascripts

Vue.js one of the World’s leading language frameworks was developed by Evan You, a former employee of Google and Meteor Dev group in the year of 2013.It’s main purpose to strengthen the security , speed up the database work and creating applications much easier.The greatest benefit of Vue is it’s absence of pedigree. It is fresh and has little baggage. It has been learning from the mistakes and successes of React & Angular. The way we see it, Vue is lightweight & easy to learn.

Small Size

One of the most significant features is its small size. Vue.js weighs only 18kb after gzipping. However, it should be noted that the Vue.js ecosystem is also small and fast.With Vue.js users can separate the template-to-virtual-DOM compiler and even the run time. Despite it’s small size Vue.js consistently outperforms bulky frameworks such as AngularJS and Ember JS.

Ease of understanding and development

The advantage with Vue.js is that it enables development of large scale templates. Which not only makes it easier for programmers but also saves a lot of time. Due to its uncomplicated structure very less time is spent on searching blocks containing errors.

Simple Integration

Unlike other Javascript frameworks, Vue.js useful both for building entire single page applications and for contributing components into existing apps.It has the ability to contain a component’s structure, logic and style all in one file which in turn makes it very simple to create flexible components which can be reused in other projects. One of the other interesting features is that it is excellent for adding lots of small reactive components to an existing template.

Comprehensive documentation

Vue.js has a very thorough and well-written documentation. For a beginner to write their first application, they just have to know some basic Javascript and HTML  and then they can complete halfway of the application.


If a user wants to write a quick app which will run straight from the browser, then Vue.js can really help you. It can even handle more sophisticated apps with JSX, ES6, routing and bundling. This flexibility makes it easy to switch to Vue because developers who have experience with React, Angular and JS framework would find Vue’s design very familiar.

Facilitates two-way communication

Vue.js is very responsive and is similar to Angular JS framework as it facilitates and speeds up the HTML blocks handling. Vue.js’s framework architecture makes it easy to implement one-way flows as well which is important when working with different components.

Laravel and VUE Development Process

If you looking to develop an application in Laravel with VUE.  Most likely if you are using Laravel framework, then for compilation Elixir is required, if not any other HTML or CSS framework is using then webpack must be required.

It is complicated to add VUE JS related components into an application because every time you see a slight change in template, CSS or any other logic for that you need to create a gulp or refreshing is required and if the gulp is running you still need a refresh. What exactly happens when it refreshes ? After refreshing the you loose all the state of an application. Consider with Modal Pop Up, if you make a change in VUE components, then everytime you need to refresh and popup up and see the running insights. The only solution for this is use Hot Reloading plugin.

This Plugin helps to keep the state as it is and made changes to components without any page refreshing.

AngularJs Vs ReactJs Vs Vue.Js


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    1. The AngularJs have many problems in IE versions and vue.Js is good for real time updates and its a small Javascript framework

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