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About FlyCare

FlyCare is a versatile inflight menu administration system, it’s developed by a group of like-minded professionals those who are brainstormed over Airline Catering Industries and other market leading menu administration applications.

In fact, many factors are needs to be considered while preparing the Inflight menus and provisioning. Realistically it’s a very hard and tricky job. At this point, we understand the scope for FlyCare and which helps us to simplify that in a right way. FlyCare integrating the business unit in a common Web-based platform and single database that permits all interactions to be entered into a common planning and operational tool for the department, other internal departments and catering suppliers.

FlyCare is very customized and user friendly application and it’s very flexible to enhance with customer requirements. It includes:-

  • Menu Administration

  • Invoice & Reconciliation

  • Suppliers Performance Evaluation

  • Reports

  • Document Sharing


Customized Menus

Customized menus with complete details of items:
  • Items codes (Airline & Caterer)

  • Menu Picture with Ingredient level.

  • Provisioning types and Values

  • Provisioning Periods (Menu Cycle)

  • Provisioning Type & Values

  • Prices

Communication Tool

Well organized communication tool.

It helps both Airline and Caterer to communicate each other with all correspondent changes/queries related to menus and menu administrations such as add/delete items, price negotiations, provisioning values/types and discrepancies etc…..and help them to track all the conversations for upcoming references.

Cost Study

  • Customized Menu Comparison
    • Supplier to Supplier

    • Route to Route

    • Calculate Cost Per Customer (by class and Menu)

    • Item to Item

    • Service to Service

    • Class to Class

  • Generate Cost Impact Report
    • If any change(s) in the existing menu(s), system automatically will generate cost impacts report. It helps to management to have a clear view of budget efficiency and impacts for quick and right decision.


FlyCare facilitates for tending through the different cost impact study on precise menus and ratios which helps to compare it’s prices at a glance. For tendering purposes, suppliers are allowed for temporary access to input their relevant figures with suggested menus and prices with relevant ratios which will give a clear judgments without your team having an input data themselves.


Provides a clear view of the budget and actual cost information based on the services provisioned, expected passenger load and number of flights per route.

  • Prepare annual Budget

  • Monitor Budget Cash Flow


FlyCare will be notified all the updates to the entire concerns and will automatic follow up with the assigned users.

Menu Log

Each and every updates in the existing menu will track by user, date, time and with supporting document(s).

Customize Access Level

FlyCare is a secure online application and it capable to provide different access levels. Provides right access level to right person only.

Business Process

New Menu

Changes in existing menu

Invoice & Reconciliation

Generating invoice is an easiest task, but it’s very difficult to confirm the relevancy while handling huge number of invoices at a time in an identical platform.  Here, FlyCare can ensure that mainly it focusing on providing it based on customer prerequisites and requirements in easiest way. To do this our experts have lot of ideas and concepts. With this concepts, we do work-around to implement customer oriented solutions and will leads to completely eliminate the requirements of reconciliation.


Fly care can ensure that no need for any further reconciliation, in case if there is any human mistake occurred which can easily figure it out by system itself and will have automated solutions to rectify it immediately. At the- end we offer an error free tallied invoices in between both Airline and Caterer.

Caterer Performance Evaluation

FlyCare formed this part to monitor everything inline the policy and contract which agreed each other (Airline and Caterer).

It includes:- 

  • Systematic Complaints Records: It helps to register all the complaints occurred during the services and to evaluate it as mentioned in the contract and to finalize with the remedial actions with appropriate notifications.

  • Complaint Evaluation Reports: FlyCare is capable to produce the management oriented performance appraisal reports on complaint records to evaluate on Caterer participations.

FlyCare has it’s own ideas/ concepts to make any flexible changes based on airlines customized idea/concepts. It can be integrated to any other supporting applications which are currently using for the further benefits/smooth operations.


Organizational success is highly influenced the presents of many good decision makers. As a decision maker he is required to have all the information’s available in front of him as summarized reports. Here FlyCare has emphasized to build multiple customized reports to enhance their decision making in a proper way.

Document Sharing

FlyCare, fully secure online storage system that allows authorized airline staff and suppliers to access, post and amend documents.

Benefits of using FlyCare

  • Provides accurate provisioning and pricing calculations for all routes, products and services.

  • Consistent and standardised approach for both Airline and Caterer

  • Standardised Menu and Provisioning format for easy to understand.

  • Centralised data management.

  • Tracking and monitoring of all changes drives compliance and responsibility.

  • Adaptable to follow the Airline’s menu planning business workflow.

  • Informs users of required actions and tasks, also giving deadlines. Automate follow up process

  • No complicated formulas applied a to define or manage, therefore no more calculation errors.

  • FlyCare is very user friendly.