Application Development

Five years ago, we thought of the Web as a new medium, not a new economy.
- Clement Mok , Graphic Designer/Author




Enterprise web application enable the organizations to automate processes. Low cost and future expansion to cloud computing. Enterprise applications include Resource planning, customer relationship and Management applications.

Our CRM System track and save each and every bit of customer data (Personal data, sales history etc.). By analyzing these data (through predefined automated processes) the marketers will be able to know how the market is responding to specific product or service. By knowing this, marketers can launch quick marketing campaigns, ads targeting a specific group in the market. The effectiveness of marketing campaigns, promotions, ads etc can be extracted (by analyzing) from the data and can be plotted as an infographic. CRM Systems can be integrated with social networking site so marketers can track the reach of their brand in social media networks. Through CRM system you can directly get updated with the social media marketing and its effectiveness. Our system is equipped with email marketing facilities, marketers can send bulk emails to the customers in one click. Sales team can also make use of the email system such as ‘Thanksgiving after a purchase or auto generated invoices etc.

Sales forecasting is another important benefit of CRM System, It would help the organization to estimate the probability and scope of their services in the future by analyzing the history data.

ERP System is developed with a common database, so by setting ‘access permissions’ to each department, the data will be available for everyone in the organization. System updates data within microseconds to make available them to all. It helps the organization in reducing the time and cost needed for its operations.

The main modules in our ERP System are:

  • Management portal
  • Manufacturing
  • Project management
  • Supply chain management
  • Human resource
  • Documentation
  • Custom modules including search, external connectivity etc

Our approach of development focus on keeping costs low, improving efficiency and enabling organizations to make changes to the system when changes in their organization or the way they do business require it. We recommend every organization a custom ERP rather than a pre developed one, since each organization works and operates differently from others, whether they are in same industry or not.

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