GoRetreat is an ecommerce website and web application. Client provides retreat centre booking service in India. The application serves as the medium for the end users to view and book seats for events in retreat centers. There is backend admin for the administration of client’s business and the web system. The application is powered with advanced analytics system, user behavior data; financial data are analyzed and reported as infographics.



GoRetreat is the first booking application exclusively for retreat centers in India and Australia. The main challenge was the product design stage. Our team had a brain storming session with client’s team regarding design; there are many users with different access levels, many development modules and sub modules. The challenge was to incorporate these complex modules into simple and user friendly user flow.


The main modules in the application are the website with web content management system, ERP module with User management, Booking management, Finance management and an Analytics module. We took less than three months for the designing and developing the application and two months for testing.